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Africa Bashing

Africans Demand Apology for Enslavement

Persistent Racism in the USA

Environmental Disaster in Ethiopia

NATO is Planning to Occupy the African Union

Neocolonialism is 50 Years Old

Acholi Peace Link

Britain & Israel Organized Idi Amin's Dictatorship

Extrajudicial Executions In The Sudan

AUF Condemns Call to Recolonize Africa

Embezzlement & Peace Efforts in Angola

Demand Reforms in International Development

Chagos Islanders Letter to Tony Blair

AUF Policy on Terrorism

AUF Joins Campaign To Reform ODA

Coltan Trade is Destroying Africa

African Response to Attacks in the USA

Africa's Forgotten Genocide: The Acholi Holocaust

African Infants Threatened by Brain Tissue Trade

Catholic Bishops Protest Exploitation of Africa

AUF International Diamond Boycott

AUF Diamond Summit Protest

Informative Documents related to Blood Diamonds

Museveni Policies Distabilizing the African Union

US and EU Plan to Dump Toxic Waste In the AU

AUF Environment Watch

AUF Human Rights Page

Reasearch and Information on AIDS in the African Union    
AUF Statement on AIDS in the African Union    
Mugabe Is Destroying Africa's Last Rain Forest    
African Domestic Employees Are Denied Rights    
Call to End Persistent Suppression of Nubians    
Reform the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda    
AUF Demands Unconditional Release of Mumia Abu Jamal    
L'assassinat de Patrice Lumumba    
Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources and of Wealth of DR Congo

One-Tenth of 1 Percent to Make the World Safer