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Extrajudicial Executions In The Sudan

The president of Sudan, Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir has overseen the worst crimes in Africa perpetrated on military officers.

Bashir and certain SPAF senior officers under his command including Col. Alkhanjer, Col. Kunna, Major Ibrahim Shamsaldeen and others, are responsible for the brutal summary executions of at least 31 fellow officers. These murders happened after Bashir became Chair of the governing council and also as president of Sudan. The executions took place in Karari and in Khartoum.

The murdered general officers and senior officers include:

General (Pilot) Khalid Alzain
Lieutenant-General Hussain Abdel-Gadir Alkadaro
Lieutenant-General Osman Alsayed Baloal
Brigadier (Pilot) Mohamed Osman Karar
Colonel Salahaldeen Alsayed
Colonel Ismat Merghani Taha
Colonel Bashir Mustafa
Colonel Mohamed Ahmed Kassim
Colonel Bashir Mustafa Bashir
Lt.Colonel Bashir Amir Abudeek
Lt.Colonel Mohamed Abdel-Aziz
Lt.Colonal Bashir Altayeb
Lt.Colonel Sayed Hassan Abdel-Rahim
Lt.Colonel Abdel-Monim Hassan Ali Karrar
Major Issam Mohamed Alhassan
Major Nihad Ismail Homaida
Major Seed Ahmed Alnoman
Major Tajeldeen Fath Al-Rahman
Major Moaweya Yassin Ali
Major (Pilot) Akram Alfatih Yousif
Major Alshaikh Albaqir Alshaikh
Major Alfatih Khalid Khalil
Major Usama Alzain
Major Alfatih Ahmed Alyas
Major Issam Abualkasim
Major Babiker Abdel-Rahman Nugd-Allah
Major Salah Aldirdiri Babikir
Major Ismail Homaida
Captain (Pilot) Mustafa Awad Khugali
Captain Mudathir Mohamed Mahgoub
Captain Abdel-Monim Khidir Kemair

After their arrest, Brig. Mohamed Osman Karar was gravely wounded by the NIF guards, Lt.Col Bashir Abudeek was shot and Lt.Col Mohamed Abdel Aziz's left eye was pulled out of his face.

These officers were bleeding until their execution. Lt.Gen Osman Baloal and Col. Mohamed Ahmed Kassim were imprisoned in Elobied Prison when the other officers were arrested in Khartoum. They were flown to their execution.

Of the 28 general and senior staff officers executed, 14 officers never appeared in the military tribunal which ordered their execution. These were:

Lt.Col Seed Hassan Abdel-Rahim
Lt.Col Abdel-Monim Hassan Karar
Lt.Col Bashir Eltayeb
Major Salah Aldirdiri
Major Alfatih Khalil
Major Usama Abd-Allah
Major Bashir Abdel-Rahman
Major Alshaikh Albaqir
Major Moaweya Yasin
Major Nihad Ismail
Major Alfatih Ahmed
Major Seed
Ahmed Salih

An estimated 200 non-commissioned officers were extrajudicially killed by the NIF government. Hundreds of other officers and non-commissioned officers were dismissed from SPAF without any charge.

The executed officers were not allowed to see their families prior to their executions. They were not allowed to make last wills. Their personal belongings were not returned to their family members. Their graves were not revealed to the family members.

Sudan has the second largest army in the African Union, with an estimated strength of 250,000.