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Kirimi Kaberia: AUF President 2001-2003

Kirimi Kaberia,
Past President, AUF

Kaberia (center) with friends at Heathrow Airport
Kirimi Kaberia became President of the AUF in 2001. In October 2003 he was appointed Kenya's Deputy Ambassador to the United States of America. He requested to be relieved of service as president of the AUF until his diplomatic assignments are concluded.

He is the founder of the US-based Democracy and Governance Program, which has trained over 120 African leaders, including cabinet ministers, as well as government and civil society leaders from all over Africa since 1994.

He was involved with the analysis and drafting of the AGOA project that has become such an important factor in the continuing debate about opening the US market for African products. Kirimi's activities also included the promotion of ODA reforms and fair terms of international trade. In 1998, following the twin terrorist bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Kirimi Kaberia's work with the Relief for Kenya added US$10 million to the fund, raising it to US$60 million.

In the 1990s Kaberia worked for the BBC in Kenya, and did assignments that included covering the war in Somalia. He has worked with the Washington Post and the Washington Times, and with the Les Aspin Center in Washington DC. Kaberia has longstanding working relations with the US Congressional Black Caucus, and the Foreign Relations Committee. Kirimi is also the CEO of ATCnet, the African Trade Consultants Network.

The President of the AUF is a statutory member of the AUF Council for Strategy and Policy Co-ordination. Duties include assisting in the evaluation and monitoring of AUF activities, and the preparation of analyses, reports and recommendations for use by the relevant organs. The AUF president chairs the membership conventions, and delegates authority to the leaders and organisers of AUF membership conventions, membership groups, branches etc,. The AUF President oversees the welfare of members and ensures that they are treated properly by all the AUF organs; Works closely with the General Secretary to make sure the AUF maintains integrity and relevance in addressing members concerns; and oversees the election of the General Secretary and other ranking elected members of AUF organs.