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The AUF General Council is the governing body of the AUF. The General Council consists of the AUF Delegates and Leaders (representatives of AUF members groups and fora, and AUF constituency organizations), the AUF Secretariat, the AUF Council of Advisors and Community Elders, and the AUF Council for Strategy and Policy Coordination.

Past Leaders


Dan Kashagama: General Secretary

Dejene "Ikemefuna" Fesseha: Deputy General Secretary
& Director of AUF Arts & Cultural Policy

Romuald Pinda: Deputy General Secretary

Daniel Haguma: Director of Development Policy & NGO Relations

Jane Sinabulya: Environment and Ecology Policy

Geoff : Telecommunications Strategy & Information Policy

Ugochukwu Ukpabi: Head, AUF Law Policy

Philip Murungi: Member of AUF Secretariat

Evelyn Joe: Member of AUF Secretariat

Jonathan Beggs: AUF International Relations Strategy
Director of Internal Communications & Media Analysis

Symbah Ruremesha: Executive Assistant to the General Secretary


Dr. Fadil El Fadil

Deo Gahiza

Amos Kambere

Arc. Ifeyinwa Okany

Samuel Adu Poku, PhD

Louis Szondy

Seyoum Negus

Prof. Julian Bauer

Rev. Peter Bich

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Chair, Telecommunications Strategy & Policy Committee
Geoff is the president and founder of Dreampsparrow Consulting, Inc., a web development company that delivers software and services to create and manage real-time internet content to major corporations. He has several years of international experience in organizing and establishing computer technologies and wireless telecommunications.

The Telecommunications Strategy and Policy Committee supports the AUF Secretariat by: identifying emerging trends in African telecommunications; analysing their implications; preparing position papers on issues of a strategic nature; promoting the growth and expansion of the Internet and the Information Society; developing AUF programmes, including Strategic Planning, Telecommunication Case Studies, and analysing Internet policy trends; publishing reports; organising AUF Telecommunication policy fora; and maintaining sound relations with industry, research institutions, the media and the general public.

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Ato Dejene “Ikemefuna” Fesseha
Deputy General Secretary
Director, AUF Arts and Cultural Policy

Dejene Fesseha is an Industrial Designer and Fine Artist and has actively engaged in the African Unification activities since the age of 21. His involvement intensified in 1996 with the UN Habitat II Conference in Turkey in the design of disaster relief shelter, the National Summit on Africa assisting the deliberative processes, the Centre for Strategic Studies African Leadership Seminar, volunteer work with African Diaspora NGOs, moderation of the Unification Committee of Africans (a consultation group that monitored the birth of the African Union), the Inaugural Celebration of the African Union in Durban, and the AU-Western Hemisphere Diaspora Forum in Washington D.C.

Ato Fesseha is currently a member of the African Bamboo Association (ABA), INBARs Consultative Group on Bamboo and Rattan(CGBAR-Africa), and the founder and senior designer of Meka Design and Development, all organizations built on the utilization of bamboo for the sustainable development of Africa. As an artist and musician, Fesseha creates social-documentary collages of the African experience and enjoys making and playing traditional Mbira instruments.

As AUF Director of Arts and Cultural Policy, Fesseha engages cultural policy issues as a necessary part of the Front's regular internal and external practices. Because culture is on par with economic, military and other major statecraft issues, the director speaks to cultural issues and reviews the cultural policy implications of the AUF's collaborations with and impact of policies on grassroots cultural communities. The Director deals with cultural issues that are central to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of AUF initiatives. He evaluates the nature of cultural conflict in the process of unification and devises ways for resolving it.

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Daniel Haguma,
Chair, Development Policy & NGO Relations Committee
The Development Policy and NGO Relations Committee oversees: the direction of development policies in Africa; the role of the NGOs and civil society organisations in transformative processes; provides analyses and reviews the agenda, rationale, conduct, benefits and justifications for NGO-corporate partnerships; identifies areas of corporate responsibility for development of social relations in the African Union; deals with matters such as the growth of ethical investment funds, and other ethical issues that impact corporations and international development Non-Governmental Organisations; reviews the capacities of business-NGO partnerships to deliver social and environmental change; monitors inter-sectoral dialogue in order to determine the fundamental constraints in these relationships.

The committee helps the secretariat to set targets and determine deadlines for compliance with international ethics treaties and standards; determines responsibility for attaining ethical goals in development and international trade practices such as extraction industries, keeping track of targets, identify violaters; and helps design the methods of inducing compliance (eg., pressure & incentives).

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Dan Kashagama,
General Secretary
Kashagama has worked with Kenya Television Network (KTN) and with British Columbia Television (BCTV) on news assignments covering a wide variety of international and cross-boundary issues, including chronic instability and the recurrent refugee crises in the Horn of Africa and in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Kashagama has served as executive administrator of the Canadian Network for International Surgery; as Chair and CEO of the African Canadian Association of British Columbia; and, as editor of several publications, including the Operative Report, covering Essential Surgical Skills programs and Injury Control and Prevention developments in Africa.

The General-Secretary convenes the Secretariat as and when necessary; acts as the Chief Spokesperson of the AUF in liaison with the Secretariat, and maintains the correspondence of the AUF; Runs the day-to-day activities of the AUF and provides leadership and counsel to the leaders and members of the AUF; Oversees the execution of AUF policy and programs by the secretariat and offers counsel to AUF members; Writes annual reports of AUF activities, and receives reports from AUF organs on schedule or upon request; Ensures that activities of the AUF are concluded in accordance with AUF Provisions, and ensures that AUF organs and programs maintain proper AUF activities; Maintains a record of members of the AUF; Is responsible for writing up or reviewing the final version of all significant AUF public statements.

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Jane Sinabulya,
Chair, AUF Committee on Environment and Ecology
The Comittee on Environment and Ecology is concerned with matters such as the planning, implementation, and coordination of environmental management programs in the African Union. The committee examines how regulatory agencies produce guidance and compliance with enviromental standards established by international treaties. The committee also develops information on how to resolve difficult environmental management problems in the African Union.

The committee deals with environmental justice concerns. It focuses on ways of ensuring effective participation and leadership of communities and in environmental decision making, promoting better environmental and public health outcomes, and devising strategies for sustainable development in urban areas. The committee develops strategies for resolving conflict in communities where environmental justice is an issue.

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Romuald Pinda,    
Deputy General Secretary
The Deputy General-Secretary of the AUF assists the General Secretary with all the duties of that office and assumes those duties in the absence of the General Secretary; Provides leadership and is the secretary of the Council of Advisors; Oversees the execution of AUF policy and programs by the secretariat and offers counsel to all AUF members when necessary; Writes annual report of AUF activities and receives reports from AUF organs on schedule of upon request; Ensures that activities of the AUF are concluded in accordance with AUF Provisions, and inspects at anytime the files of the secretaries of the AUF organs to make sure that they maintain proper AUF activities.

Evelyn Joe,     
Member of Secretariat
Evelyn Joe is on the Board of Directors of African Alliance Foundation (AAF), a new initiative with an empowering vision for Africans to advocate for positive change in the lives of Africans politically and economically, both in the Diaspora and on the Continent. AAF is designed as an umbrella organization for African organizations. She is also the producer of African Union Page, an interactive website of the Renaissance Foundation. She also served on the Board of Vision In Action, a Washington-based NGO with volunteers in developing countries.

Ms Joe employs her hands-on experience in media, World Affairs and strategic management to articulate issues of varied concerns. Currently, she is involved in organizing a series of events aimed at identifying and marshaling African human resources in response to the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD's) challenge in redressing Brain Drain.