African Unification Front

List of Parties and Political Organisations in the African Union
[Some of the leaders and regions of activity are listed beside the party name]

Note: The African Unification Front (African Front) is the only popular movement that is completely open to all Africans, without regard for state citizenship or location of residence (Africans outside the African Union are also members). There are 450 political parties in the African Union. All the political parties in the African Union are in principle committed to or supportive of Pan Africanism.

Action for Change or AC [Messoud Ould BOULKHEIR]; Mauretania
Action Committee for Renewal or CAR [Yawovi AGBOYIBO]; Togo
Action Party or PA [Ahmed ABAKIL]; Morocco
Action, Truth, Development, and Harmony or AFFA [Professor Albert ZAFY]; Madagascar
African Christian Democratic Party or ACDP [Kenneth MESHOE]; SA
African Forum for Reconstruction or FAR; Gabon
African Movement for Democracy and Progress or MADEP [Sefou FAGBOHOUN]; Benin
African National Congress or ANC [Thabo MBEKI]; SA
African Party for Democracy and Socialism or And Jef (PADS/AJ) [Landing SAVANE];
African Party of Independence [Majhemout DIOP]; Senegal
African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau
and Cape Verde or PAIGC [Malan Bacai SANHA];
African Unification Front; [Kirimi Kaberia, Dan Kashagama]
Agenda for Zambia or AZ [Akashambatwa LEWANIKA];
All Liberia Coalition Party or ALCOP [Lusinee KAMARA]; Liberia
All People's Congress or APC [Edward Mohammed TURAY]; Sierra Leone
All People's Party or APP [Alhaji Yusuf ALI]; Nigeria
Alliance for Change or FAC [leader NA]; Cameroon
Alliance for Democracy or ADEMA [Ibrahim Boubacar KEITA]; Mali
Alliance for Democracy or AFORD [Chakufwa CHIHANA, president]; Malawi
Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire or AFDL; DRC
Alliance for Democracy or AD [Yusuf MAMMAN]; Nigeria
Alliance for Democracy and Progress or ADP; CAR
Alliance for Democracy and Progress or ADP [Adekpedjou Sylvain AKINDES]; Benin
Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction or APRC
[Yahya A. J. J. JAMMEH]; Gambia
Alliance of the Social Democratic Party or PSD [Bruno Amoussou]; Benin
Algerian Democratic Front or FAD [Sid-Ahmed GHOZALI];
Algerian National Front or ANF [Moussa TOUATI];
Algerian Renewal Party or PRA [Noureddine BOUKROUH, chairman];
Assembly for Democracy and Unity or RDU [Ahmed Ould SIDI BABA]; Mauretania
Association for Democracy and Social Progress or RDPS [Jean-Pierre Thystere TCHICAYA, president]; Congo, Brazaville
Association for the Rebirth of Madagascar or AREMA [Pierrot RAJAONARIVELO];
Basotho National Party or BNP [Maj. Gen. Justine Metsing LEKHANYA]; Lesotho
Basotholand Congress Party or BCP [Molapo QHOBELA); Lesotho
Benin Renaissance Party or PRB [Nicephore SOGLO]; Benin
Block of Alternatives for the Renewal of Africa or BARA [Yoro DIAKITE]; Mali
Botswana Democratic Party or BDP [Festus MOGAE];
Botswana National Front or BNF [Kenneth KOMA];
Botswana Congress Party or BCP [Michael DINGAKE];
Botswana People's Party or BPP [Knight MARIPE]
Botswana Alliance Movement or BAM [Kenneth KOMA, chairman]
Botswana Progressive Union [BAM -Gideon KAELO]
Cameleon Alliance or AC [leader NA]; Car-DUNYA [leader NA]; Benin
Cameroon Anglophone Movement or CAM [Vishe FAI, secretary general];
Cameroonian Democratic Union or UDC [Adamou NDAM NJOYA];
Cameroon Liberation and Development Movement or MLDC [Marcel YONDO];
Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo or CHADEMA [Bob MGKANI]; TZ
Chama Cha Mapinduzi or CCM (Revolutionary Party) [Benjamin MKAPA]; TZ
Christian Democratic Front or FDC [Alphonse Dos SANTOS]; Sao tome
Central African Democratic Assembly or RDC [Andre KOLINGBA]; CAR
Centrist Democratic Party or PDC [Jean-Nipomuscene NAYINZIRA]; Rwanda
Circle of Liberal Reformers or CLR [General Jean Boniface ASSELE]; Gabon
Civic Forum or FC [Gen. Timothee MALENDOMA]; CAR
Civic United Front or CUF [Seif Sharif HAMAD]; TZ
Communist Party of Benin or PCB [Pascal FANTONDJI, first secretary]; Benin
Communist Party of Tunisia
Congolese Labor Party or PCT [Denis SASSOU-NGUESSO]; Congo, Brazaville
Congolese Movement for Democracy and Integral Development or MCDDI
[Michel MAMPOUYA]; Brazaville
Congolese Trade Union Congress or CSC; Brazaville
Congress of Democrats or COD [Ben ULENGA]; Namibia
Congress Party for Malagasy Independence or AKFM/Fanavaozana [Pastor Richard ANDRIAMANJATO];
Congress of South African Trade Unions or COSATU [Zwelinzima VAVI]; SA
Conservative Party or CP [Joshua S. MAYANJA-NKANGI]; Uganda
Constitutional Democratic Rally Party or RCD [President BEN ALI]; Tun
Constitutional Union or UC [Abdellatif SEMLALI]; Morocco
Convention for Full Democracy in Swaziland or COFUDESWA [Sabelo DLAMINI];
Convergence Party for Social Democracy or CPDS [Placido Miko ABOGO]; E. Guinea
Coordination des Forces Nouvelles or CFN [Joseph KOFFIGOH]; Togo
Democratic Centre Party or DCP [Adu Aiah KOROMA]; Sierra Leone
Democratic Convention of African Peoples or CDPA [Leopold GNININVI]; Togo
Democratic Forces Front or FFD [Thami KHIARI]; Morocco
Democratic Forum or FODEM [Charles MASSI]; CAR
Democratic League-Labor Party Movement or LD-MPT [Dr. Abdoulaye BATHILY]; Senegal
Democratic National Party or PND [ADEN Robleh Awaleh]; Djibouti
Democratic National Rally or RND [Ahmed OUYAHIA, chairman]; Alg
Democratic Opposition Coalition or CODO; Sao Tome
Democratic Party or DP; Seychelles
Democratic Party or DP [Tony LEON]; SA
Democratic Party (unregistered) [Reverend MTIKLA]; TZ
Democratic Party or DP [Paul SSEMOGERERE]; Uganda
Democratic Party or DP [Emmanuel MAGOCHE]; Zimbabwe
Democratic Party of Cote d'Ivoire or PDCI [Jean Konan BANNY];
Democratic Rally of the Cameroon People or RDPC [Paul BIYA, president];
Democratic Renewal Party or PRD [Adrien HOUNGBEDJI]; Benin
Democratic Renewal Party or PRD [Mohamed Jama ELABE]; Djibouti
Democratic and Republican Alliance or ADERE [Divungui-di-Ndinge DIDJOB]; Gabon
Democratic Republican Movement or MDR [Pierre Celestin RWIGEMA]; Rwanda
Democratic Social Christian Party or PDSC [Andre BO-BOLIKO]; DRC
Democratic and Social Convention or CDS [Mamadou Bakary SANGARE]; Mali
Democratic and Social Convention-Rahama or CDS-Rahama [Mahamane OUSMANE]; Niger
Democratic and Social Republican Party or PRDS [Col. Maaouya Ould Sid Ahmed TAYA]; Mauretania
Democratic and Socialist Party or PSD; Rwanda
Democratic Socialist Party or PSD [Issa al-OUARDIGHI]; Morocco
Democratic Party of Guinea or PDG-AST [Marcel CROS]; Conakry
Democratic Party of Guinea-African Democratic Rally or PDG-RDA
Democratic Party for Equatorial Guinea or PDGE [Augustin Nse NFUMU]; E. Guinea
Democratic Party for Independence or PDI [Thami el-OUAZZANI, Said BOUACHRINE]; Morocco
Democratic Party of Kenya or DP [Mwai KIBAKI]; Kenya
Democratic and Patriotic Convention or CDP (Garab-Gi) [Dr. Iba Der THIAM]; Senegal
Democratic Rally of the People-Jama'a or RDP-Jama'a [Hamid ALGABID]; Niger
Democratic Turnhalle Alliance of Namibia or DTA [Katuutire KAURA];
Democratic Unionist Party [Mohammed 'Abd-al-Mun'im TURK]; Egypt
Economic Liberalism and Democratic Action for National Recovery
or LEADER/Fanilo [Herizo RAZAFIMAHALEO]; Madagascar
Every Ghanaian Living Everywhere or EGLE [Owuraku AMOFA, chairman];
Federalist Movement; Madagascar
Fihaonana Rally or Fihaonana [Guy RAZANAMASY]; Madagascar
Freedom Front or FF [Constand VILJOEN]; SA
Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda or FLEC [N'zita Henriques TIAGO, Antonio Bento BEMBE]
Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (Frente de Liberatacao de
Mocambique) or Frelimo [Joaquim Alberto CHISSANO];
Front for the Liberation and Independence of Guinea or FLING [Jose Katengul M. ENDES]; Bissau
Front for Renewal and Development or FARD-ALAFIA; Benin
Front for Socialism and Democracy or FSD [Cheikh Abdoulaye DIEYE];
Forum Party of Zimbabwe [Enock DUMBUTSHENA];
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy-Asili or FORD-A [Martin SHIKUKU]; Kenya
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy-Kenya or FORD-K [Michael Kijana WAMALWA]; Kenya
Forum for the Restoration of Democracy-People or FORD-People [Raymond MATIBA]; Kenya
Gabonese Democratic Party or PDG [Simplice Nguedet MANZELA];
Gabonese Party for Progress or PGP [Pierre-Louis AGONDJO-OKAWE, president];
Gabonese People's Union or UPG [Pierre MAMBOUNDOU];
Gabonese Socialist Union or USG;
Gainde Centrist Bloc or BGC [Jean-Paul DIAS]; Senegal
Gambian People's Party or GPP [Hassan Musa CAMARA]; Gambia
General Confederation of Mauritanian Workers or CGTM [Abdallahi Ould MOHAMED];
General Union of Congolese Pupils and Students or UGEEC; Brazaville
Green Party [Kamal KIRAH]; Egypt
Group of Reflection and Action for the Development of Madagascar (GRAD/Iloafo) [Tovonanahary RABETSITONTA];
Guinea-Bissau Resistance-Ba Fata Movement or RGB-MB [Domingos FERNANDES Gomes]; Bissau
Guinean Civic Forum or FCG [Antonieta Rosa GOMES]; Bissau
Hizbullah [Cehl Mohamed FAKEEMEEAH]; Mauritius
Impulse for Progress and Democracy or IPD [Bertin BORNA]; Benin
Independent Democratic Action or ADI [Carlos NEVES]; Sao Tome
Independence Freedom Party [BAM -Motsamai MPHO]; Botswana
Independence Freedom Party [Chief Mongosuthu Buthelezi]; Botswana
Independence and Labor Party or PIT [Amath DANSOKHO]; Senegal
Inkatha Freedom Party or IFP [Mangosuthu BUTHELEZI]; SA
International League for Ecological Protection or LIPE [Alhaje Bubacar DJALO, president]; Bissau
Islamic Democratic Party or PDI; Rwanda
Islamic Fundamentalist party, Al Nahda (Renaissance); Tun
Islamic Salvation Front or FIS (outlawed April 1992) - Algeria
[Ali BELHADJ, Dr. Abassi MADANI, Rabeh KEBIR (self-exile in Germany)];
Istiqlal Party or IP [Abbas EL-FASSI]; Morocco
Ivorian Popular Front or FPI [Laurent GBAGBO];
Ivorian Worker's Party or PIT [Francis WODIE];
Judged by Your Work or AVI [Norbert RATSIRAHONANA]; Madagascar
Kenya African National Union or KANU [Toroitich MOI]
Labor Party or UT [leader NA]; Morocco
Labor Party or LP [Chibiza MFUNI]; Zambia
Lesotho Congress for Democracy or LCD [Dr. Pakalitha MOSISILI]; Lesotho
Liberal Democratic Party or PLD [Analia de Victoria PEREIRA]; Angola
Liberal Democratic Party or PLD [Nestor KOMBO-NAGUEMON]; CAR
Liberal Democrats' Rally for National Reconstruction-Vivoten or RDL-Vivoten [Severin ADJOVI]; Benin
Liberal Party or PL [Agnes NTAMABYALIRO]; Rwanda
Liberal Progressive Front or LPF [Roger CHONGWE]; Zambia
Liberal Social Party [Ahmed KHELIL]; Algeria
Liberian Action Party or LAP [Cletus WOTORSON];
Liberian National Union or LINU [Henry MONIBA, chairman];
Liberian People's Party or LPP [Togba-Nah TIPOTEH, chairman];
Malawi Congress Party or MCP [Gwanda CHAKUAMBA, John TEMBO]; Malawi
Malawi Democratic Party or MDP [Kampelo KALUA]; Malawi
Marematlou Freedom Party or MFP and Setlamo Alliance [Vincent MALEBO]; Lesotho
Mauritanian Workers Union or UTM [Mohamed Ely Ould BRAHIM];
Mauritian Labor Party or MLP [Navinchandra RAMGOOLAM]
Mauritian Militant Movement or MMM [Paul BERENGER];
Mauritian Militant Renaissance or MMR [Dr. Paramhansa NABABSING];
Mauritian Social Democrat Party or PMSD [Xavier-Luc DUVAL];
Militant Socialist Movement or MSM [Sir Anerood JUGNAUTH]; Mauritius
Misr al-Fatah Party (Young Egypt Party) [leader NA];
Monitor Action Group or MAG [Kosie PRETORIUS]; Namibia
Mozambique National Resistance - Electoral Union
(Resistencia Nacional Mocambicana - Uniao Eleitoral) or Renamo-UE
Movement for Citizens' Commitment and Awakening or MERCI [Severin ADJOVI]; Benin
Movement for Democracy in Algeria or MDA [Ahmed Ben BELLA];
Movement for Democracy and Development or MDD [David DACKO]; CAR
Movement for Democratic Change or MOC [Morgan TSVANGIRAYI]; Zimbabwe
Movement for Democratic Process or MDP [Chama CHAKOM BOKA]; Zambia
Movement of Democratic Socialists or MDS [leader NA]; Tun
Movement for the Defense of the Republic or MDR [Dakole DAISSALA];
Movement for Development and Progress-Alkwali or MDP-Alkwali [Mai Manga BOUCAR]; Niger
Movement for the Independence, Renaissance and Integration of Africa or MIRIA [Mohamed Lamine TRAORE, Mouhamedou DICKO]; Mali
Movement for the Liberation of Cameroonian Youths or MLJC [leader NA];
Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People or MLPC [Ange-Felix PATASSE]; CAR
Movement for the Liberation of Sao Tome and Principe-Social Democratic Party or MLSTP-PSD [Manuel Pinto Da COSTA];
Movement for Loyalty and Justice [Ahmed Taleb IBRAHIMI, president; Algeria
Movement for Multiparty Democracy or MMD [Frederick CHILUBA]; Zambia
Movement of a Peaceful Society or MSP [Mahfoud NAHNAH, chairman]; Alg
Movement for the Progress of Madagascar or MFM [Manandafy RAKOTONIRINA];
Nahda Movement or Al Nahda [Abdallah DJABALLAH, president]; Algeria
National Avant-Garde Party or PAN [Khattry Ould JIDDOU]; Mauretania
National Congress for Democratic Initiative or CNID [Mountaga TALL]; Mali
National Democratic Alliance or NDA [Amadu M. B. JALLOH]; Sierra Leone
National Front for Justice or FNJ (Islamic party) [Ahmed Abdallah MOHAMED,
Ahmed ABOUBACAR, Soidiki M'BAPANOZA]; Comoros
National Liberation Front or FLN [Boualem BENHAMOUDA, sec. gen]; Alg
National Movement for the Liberation of Ugnada or NMLU; Uganda
National Party for Solidarity and Development or PNSD
[Rabah BENCHERIF]; Alg
National Republican Alliance or ANR [Redha MALEK]; Alg
National Union for Solidarity and Progress or UNSP [Bruno AMOUSSOU]; Benin
Nasserist Arab Democratic Party [Dia' al-din DAWUD]; Egypt
National Convention Executive Council or NCEC [Kivutha KIBWANA]; Kenya
National Convention for Construction and Reform or NCCR [Mabere MARANDO]; TZ
National Convention Party or NCP [former Vice President Sheriff DIBBA]; Gambia
National Convention Party or NCP [Sarpong KUMA-KUMA]; Ghana
National Constitutional Assembly or NCA; Zimbabwe
National Democratic Congress or NDC [Dr. Huudu YAHAYA]; Ghana
National Democratic Party or NDP [President Mohammed Hosni MUBARAK]; Egypt
National Democratic Party of Liberia or NDPL [Isaac DAKINAH];
National Democratic Party or PND [Mohamed Arsalane EL-JADIDI]; Morocco
National Democratic Rally or RND [Madier DIOUF]; Senegal
National Development Party or NDP [Raila ODINGA, Dr. Charles MARANGA]; Kenya
National Front for the Liberation of Angola or FNLA
[Lucas NGONDA, Holden ROBERTO];
National Islamic Front or NIF [Hasan al-TURABI] - Sudan
National Movement for a Developing Society-Nassara or MNSD-Nassara [Tandja MAMADOU]; Niger
National Party (New National Party) or NP [Marthinus VAN SCHALKWYK]; SA
National Party (NP) [Daniel LISULO]; Zambia
National Patriotic Party or NPP [Charles Ghankay TAYLOR]; Liberia
National Popular Movement or MNP [Mahjoubi AHARDANE]; Morocco
National Progressive Party or NPP [Chief Peete Nkoebe PEETE]; Lesotho
National Progressive Unionist Grouping or NPUG [Khalid MUHI AL-DIN]; Egypt
National Rally of Independents or RNI [Ahmed OSMAN]; Morocco
National Rally of Woodcutters (Bucherons) or RNB
[Fr. Paul M'BA-ABESSOLE]; Gabon
National Reconciliation Party or NRP [Hamat N. K. BAH]; Gambia
National Repulican Movement for Democracy and Development or MRNDD or MRND [Mathieu NGIRUMPATSE]; Rwanda
National Republican Party or NRP [Sahr Stephen MAMBU]; Sierra Leone
National Resistance Movement or NRM [Joel MUSEVENI]; Uganda
National Unity Party or PUN [Jean-Paul NGOUPANDE]; CAR
National Unity Party or NUP [Dr. John KARIMU, chairman]; Sierra
National Union for Democracy and Progress or UNDP [Abubacer BALDE]; Bissau
National Union for Democracy and Progress or UNDP [Maigari BELLO BOUBA]; Cameroon
National Union for Development and Democracy or UNDD; Madagascar
National Union for Development and Renewal or UNDR [Saleh KEBZABO]; Chad
National Union of Independents for Democratic Renewal or UNIRD [Moutari MOUSSA]; Niger
National Union for the Total Independence of Angola or UNITA [Jonas SAVIMBI];
New Democratic Party [Christopher GILL (former member of DP)]; Seychelles
New Generation for the Republic or NG [leader NA]; Benin
New Patriotic Party or NPP [Peter Ala ADJETY]; Ghana
New Wafd Party or NWP [Fu'ad SIRAJ AL-DIN]; Egypt
Nigerien Alliance for Democracy and Social Progress-Zaman Lahiya or ANDPS-Zaman Lahiya [Moumouni Adamou DJERMAKOYE];
Nigerien Democratic Front-Mutunci or FDN-Mutunci [Ide OUMAROU];
Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism-Tarayya or PNDS-Tarayya
[Mahamadou ISSOUFOU];
Nigerien Social Democrat Party-Alheri or PSDN-Alheri [Malam Adji WAZIRI];
Ngwane Socialist Revolutionary Party or NGWASOREP;
Organization of Democratic and Popular Action or OADP [Mohamed BENSAID]; Mor
Organization of the People of Rodrigues or OPR [Louis Serge CLAIR]; Mauritius
Our Common Cause or NCC [Francois Odjo TANKPINON]; Benin
Pan-African Union for Social Development or UPADS [Martin MBERI]; Brazaville
Pan-Africanist Congress or PAC [Stanley MOGOBA, president]; SA
Party for Democratic Convergence or PCD [Victor MANDINGA]; Bissau
Party for Democratic Convergence or PCD [Armindo AGUIAR]; Sao Tome & Principe
Party for Democracy and Progress or PDP [Me Idrissa TRAORE]; Mali
Party for Democracy and Renewal or PDR [Zarifou AYEVA]; Togo
Party for National Renewal or PARENA [Yoro DIAKITE, Tiebile DRAME]; Mali
Party for People's Dignity-Daraja or PDP-Daraja [Ali TALBA]; Niger
Party for Progress of Equatorial Guinea or PPGE [Severo MOTO]; E. Guinea
Party of Progress and Socialism or PPS [Moulay Ismail al ALAOUI]; Mor
Party for Renewal and Progress or PRP [Siradiou DIALLO]; Conakry
Party for Unity and Progress or PUP [Lansana CONTE]; Conakry
Patriotic Front for Progress or FPP [Abel GOUMBA]; CAR
Patriotic Movement of the Ghanda Koye or MPGK; Mali
Patriotic Pan-African Convergence or CPP [Edem KODJO]; Togo
Patriotic Salvation Movement or MPS [Maldom Bada ABBAS, chairman]; Chad
People's Convention Party or PCP [P. K. DONKOH-AYIFI]; Ghana
People's Democratic Party or PDP [Barnabas GEMADE]; Nigeria
People's Democratic Party or PDP [Thaimu BANGURA, chairman]; Sierra
People's Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism or PDOIS [Sidia JATTA]; Gambia
People's Heritage Party or PHP [Emmanuel Alexander ERSKINE]; Ghana
People's National Convention or PNC [Edward MAHAMA]; Ghana
People's Power Committees [led by Kabila] DRC
People's Progress Assembly or RPP [Hassan GOULED Aptidon] Djibouti
People's Progressive Party or PPP [former President Dawda K. JAWARA ]; Gambia
People's Progressive Party or PPP [Chea CHEAPOO]; Liberia
People's Progressive Party or PPP [Abass Chernok BUNDU]; Sierra
People's Union for the Republic or UPR [leader NA]; CAR
People's United Democratic Movement or PUDEMO [Mario MASUKU];
People's Unity Party or PUP [Louis Gaston MAYILA]; Gabon
Popular Action of Equatorial Guinea or APGE [Miguel Esono EMAN]; E. Guinea
Popular Constitutional and Democratic Movement or MPCD
[Dr. Abdelkarim al-KHATIB]; Mor
Popular Democratic Front or PDF [Austin CHAKAODZA]; Zimbabwe
Popular Movement or MP [Mohamed LAENSER]; Mor
Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola or MPLA [Eduardo DOS SANTOS];
Popular Movement of the Revolution or MPR [Catherine NZUZI]; DRC
Popular Social and Democratic Union or UPSD [Mohamed Mahmoud Ould MAH]; Mauretania
Popular Union or UP [Fabian MUSA, general secretary]; E. guinea
Progressive Democratic Alliance or ADP; Eq. Guinea
[Victorino Bolekia BONAY, mayor of Malabo]
Rally for Culture and Democracy or RCD [Said SAADI, secretary general]; Alg
Rally for Democracy and Pan-Africanism or RDP[Dominique HOYMINOU, Dr. Giles Auguste MINONTIN]; Benin
Rally for Democracy and Progress or RDP [Lal Mahamat CHOUA]; Chad
Rally for Democracy and Progress or RDP; Gabon
Rally for Democracy and Labor or RDT [Ali GNANGADO]; Mali
Rally for Democracy and Progress or RDP [Almamy SYLLA]; Mali
Rally for the Guinean People or RPG [Alpha CONDE]; Conakry
Rally of the Republicans or RDR [Henriette DAGRI-DIABATE]; Cote d'Ivoire
Rally of the Togolese People or RPT [Gnassingbe EYADEMA];
Rassemblement National pour le Development or RND [Ali Bazi SELIM] Comoros
Reformation Alliance Party or RAP [Henry Boimah FAHNBULLEH]; Liberia
Renewal of the Social Democratic Party or RPSD [Evariste MARSON] Madagascar
Republican Progressive Party [Khadir DRISS]; Alg
Revolutionary Union of Congolese Women or URFC; Congo, Brazaville
Revolutionary United Front Party or RUFP [Foday SANKOH]; Sierra
Rodrigues Movement [Nicholas Von MALLY]; Mauritius
Rwanda Patriotic Front [Paul KAGAME];
Rwandan Socialist Party or PSR;
Sefate Democratic Party or SDP [Bofihla NKUEBE] Lesotho
Senegalese Democratic Party or PDS [Abdoulaye WADE]; Senegal
Senegalese Democratic Party-Renewal or PDS-R [Serigne Lamine DIOP]; Senegal
Senegalese Democratic Union-Renewal or UDS-R [Mamadou Puritain FALL]; Senegal
Seychelles Democratic Movement or MSPD [Jacques HONDOUL]
Seychelles Liberal Party or SLP [Ogilvie BERLOUIS]
Seychelles Party or PS [Wavel RAMKALAWAN]     
Seychelles People's Progressive Front or SPPF [France Albert RENE] Seychelles
Sierra Leone People's Party or SLPP [Ahmad Tejan KABBAH]; Sierra
Social Democratic Front or SDF [John FRU NDI]; Cameroon
Social Democratic Movement or MDS [Hachemi CHERIF]; Alg
Social Democratic Movement or MDS [Mahmoud ARCHANE]; Mor
Social Democratic Party or PSD [Enoch LAKOUE]; CAR
Social Democratic Party or PSD [Pierre Claver MAGANGA-MOUSSAVOU] Gabon
Social Democratic Party or SDP [Anyang N'YANGO]; Kenya
Social Democratic Party or SDP [Eston KAKHOME]; Malawi
Social Democratic Union [member of BAM]; Botswana
Social Justice Party [Muhammad 'ABDAL-'AL]; Egypt
Social Renewal Party or PRS [Eduardo KUANGANA, Antonio MUACHICUNGO]; Angola
Social Renovation Party or PRS [Koumba YALLA]; Bissau
Socialist Forces Front or FFS [Hocine Ait AHMED]; Alg
Socialist Labor Party or SLP [Ibrahim SHUKRI]; Egypt
Socialist Liberal Party or LSP [Mustafa Kamal MURAD]; Egypt
Socialist Party or PS [President Abdou DIOUF]; Senegal
Socialist Union of Popular Forces or USFP [Abderrahmane YOUSSOUFI]; Mor
South African Communist Party or SACP [Blade NZIMANDE]; SA
South African National Civics Organization or SANCO [Mlungisi HLONGWANE]; SA
South West Africa People's Organization or SWAPO [Sam NUJOMA];
Southern Cameroon National Council [Henry FOSSUNG]
Sudanese Union/African Democratic Rally or US/RDA [Mamadou Bamou TOURE]; Mali
Swaziland Communist Party or SWACOPA [Mphandlana SHONGWE];
Swaziland Democratic Alliance (represents key opposition parties) [Jerry NXUMALO];
Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions or SFTU [Jan SITHOLE];
Swaziland Liberation Front or FROLISA;
Swaziland National Front or SWANAFRO;
Swaziland Youth Congress or SWAYOCO (included in PUDEMO)
Tanzania Labor Party or TLP [Augustine Lyatonga MREMA];
The Star Alliance (Alliance E'toile) [leader NA]; Benin
True Whig Party or TWP [Rudolph SHERMAN, chairman]; Liberia
Ugandan People's Congress or UPC [Milton OBOTE]; Uganda
Umma Party [Ahmad al-SABAHI]; Egypt
Unified Lumumbaist Party or PALU [Antoine GIZENGA]; DRC
Union of Cameroonian Populations or UPC-K [Augustin Frederick KODOG]
Union for Change or UM [Jorge MANDINGA, Dr. Anne SAAD]; Bissau
Union of Congolese Socialist Youth or UJSC; Brazaville
Union of Democratic Forces or UFD [Sebastian EBAO] brazaville
Union for Democracy and Freedoms [Mouley BOUKHALAFA]; Alg
Union of Democratic Forces-New Era or UFD/NE [Ahmed Ould DADDAH]; Mauretania
Union of Democratic Forces for Progress or UFDP [Youssouf TOURE]; Mali
Union for Democracy and Development or UDD [Moussa Balla COULIBALY]; Mali
Union of Democratic Patriots and Progressives-Chamoua or UPDP-Chamoua
[Professor Andre' SALIFOU]; Niger
Union for Democratic Renewal or URD [Djibo Leyti KA]; Senegal
Union for Democracy and Social Progress or UDPS [Etienne TSHISEKEDI wa Mulumba]; DRC
Union for Democracy and Social Progress-Amana or UDPS-Amana [Mohamed ABDULLAHI]; Niger
Union of Federalists and Independent Republicans or UFERI [Maitre LUKAMBA Michel] DRC
Union of Forces for Change or UFC [Gilchrist OLYMPIO, Jeane-Pierre FABRE]; Togo
Union of Independent Liberals or ULI [Jacques AMOUZO]; Togo
Union for Multiparty Democracy or UMD [Abdullah FUNDIKIRA]; TZ
Union for National Democracy and Solidarity or UDS [Adamou N'Diaye MAMA] Benin
Union for the New Republic or UNR [Mamadou Boye BA] Conakry
Union of Popular Forces for Democracy and Progress-Sawaba or UFPDP-Sawaba [Djibo BAKARY]; Niger
Union for Progress of Guinea or UPG [Jean-Marie DORE]; Conakry
Union for Renewal and Democracy or URD [Gen. Wadal Abdelkader KAMOUGUE] Chad
United Action Party [BAM -Ephraim Lepetu SETSHWAELO]; Botswana
United Democratic Front or UDF [Bakili MULUZI]; Malawi
United Democratic Front or UDF [Justus GAROEB]; Namibia
United Democratic Movement or UDM [Bantu HOLOMISA]; SA
United Democratic Party or UDP [Ousainou DARBOE]; Gambia
United Democratic Party or UDP [Charles MOFELI]; Lesotho
United Democratic Party or UDP [John CHEYO]; TZ
United Movement and Fronts of Azawad or MFUA; Mali
United National Independence Party or UNIP [Kenneth KAUNDA]; Zambia
United National People's Party or UNPP [John KARIFA-SMART, Raymond KAMARA]; Sierra
United Opposition or UO [Wavel RAMKALAWAN] Seychelles
United Parties [Abel MUZOREWA]; Zimbabwe
Unity Party or UP [Charles Clarke]; Liberia
United Party for National Development or UPND [Anderson MAZOKA]; Zambia
United People's Party or UPP [Gabriel Baccus MATTHEWS]; Liberia
United Social Democratic Party or PUSD [Victor Sau'de MARIA]; Bissau
Workers' Movement Party-Albarka or PMT-Albarka [Omar Idi ANGO]; Niger
Workers Party or PT [Louisa HANOUN] Algeria
Zambia Alliance for Progress or ZAP [Ben KAPILA];
Zambia Democratic Congress or Zadeco [Azwell BANDA]
Zimbabwe African National Union-NDONGA or ZANU-NDONGA [Ndabaningi SITHOLE];
Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front or ZANU-PF [Robert MUGABE];
Zimbabwe Unity Movement or ZUM [Edgar TEKERE]


Association for French Mayotte or Association Pour Mayotte Francaise [Didier BEOUTIS]; Mayotte
Democratic Front or FD [Youssouf MOUSSA]; Mayotte
Mahoran Popular Movement or MPM [Younoussa BAMANA]; Mayotte
Mahoran Rally for the Republic or RPR [Soibahadine Ibrahim RAMADAN]; Mayotte
Socialist Party or PS (local branch of French Parti Socialiste)[Hariti IBRAHIM]; Mayotte
Union for French Democracy or UDF [Henri JEAN-BAPTISTE]; Mayotte

African Unification Front
Black National United Front

 Today's Date: June 4, 2020
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