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Draft PAP Bill on the Appointment of Cabinet
AU Commission Strategic Framework is Severely Flawed
In Sudan,"Arab" is a Codeword for Social Status

The Seat of Parliament is the Capital of a Nation

Moving PAP out of Addis is a Blow Against Pan Africanism
US Command Wants to Deal with Each AU State Separately
AU Commission's Secret Decisions Harm the African Union

"Lift Every Voice" is the Best Anthem for Africa
The History of Parliament in Ancient Africa
African Union Forces Deploy in Darfur

Addis Abeba is the best Seat for PAP
Single Currency is Answer to Funding Shortage
The Structure of the Government of Africa

How to Set Up the African Union Defense Force

Summit Will Choose Flag and Anthem for Africa
A Comparison of Mortality Statistics
Vitamins Keep AIDS at Bay

President Mongella has to Set Up Government
Inauguration of African Court of Justice
Reforming the African Union Border Regime

Draft PAP Bill on Integrated Single African Army
Draft PAP Bill on Single African Currency

Rwandan Leader Lashes Out Over Genocide
Remembering Students who Died for Academic Freedom
Bashir Must Desist From Using Repression in Darfur

Africa Bashing: Links and Analysis
First Session of Parliament Ends On Positive Note
NGO and CSO Statements Made to Members of PAP

AU President Gertrude Mongella: Biographic Brief
PAP Elects Gertrude Mongella the Leader of Africa
Open and Transparent Tendering in Africa

A Way To Successfully Educate Our Children
AU Sets Up Peace and Security Council
Live Satellite Broadcast of AU Parliamentary Session

Presidency & Cabinet of the Pan African Parliament
How to Establish the African Union Army
AU is a State, not an Intergovernmental Organization

US/NATO Updates Plans to Occupy the African Union
List of Members of the Pan African Parliament
Poetic Tribute to the First Session of Parliament

Joaquim Chissano at the opening of AU Assembly - 2003
First Session of PAP set for March 18-20, 2004
Museveni Regime Is Involved In Massacres

Proposal on Structure of Pan African Parliament
Operations of the Pan African Parliament
African Union Defies US, EU Trade Conditions

Link to Site of July 2003 AU Summit at Maputo
Address by Jacob Zuma on Pan African Parliament
Meaning of the African Struggle for Unity

PAP Bill on Diplomats & African Foreign Policy
Sheba: Naming the Currency of the African Union
More Quotes on African Unification & Renascence

Proposal Concerning PAP Private Members Bills
Pan-African Parliament: Opportunity for Women

Pan-African Parliament Project to Materialise
Africa-Canada Parliamentary Strengthening Program
Views on Campaign for the African Parliament

New Year Message of the AUF General Secretary
Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Flag
The Story of the African Revolution in Haiti

New Year Message of Oumar Konaré
International Day for Remembrance of Slave Trade
International Day of Reflection on Rwanda Genocide

White House Statement on the African Union

Inaugural Session of Parliament set for March 2004
Protocol of the Pan African Parliament is Ratified
African Union Water Summit Warns of Massive Crisis

Brief on Oumar Konaré, Chair of AU Commission
Egypt Ratifies Pan African Parliament
New Book Details UN Role in Rwanda Genocide

Genetically Modified Dog Won't Hunt in Africa
All Africa Interview With Patrick Mazimhaka
Plight of Domestic Workers in the African Union

Preventable Injury in Africa Must be Stopped
Government of the African Union
Protest Against US GMO Impositions on the AU

Images of Victims of HVA Industrial Pollution
Taylor Must Not & Cannot Escape Justice

Democracy is the Key to Ending War
African MPs Discuss AU Parliament
Sao Tome Coup d'Etat Reversed

Summary of African Union Summit at Maputo
Charles Taylor Implicates Colleagues in War Crimes
Collecting Fire and Seeds: The AU and its Diaspora

The Architecture for Peace & Security in Africa
Walter Sisulu Has Died: Africa Mourns A Fallen Giant

NATO is Planning to Occupy the African Union
Industrial Pollution Affecting Thousands of Lives
Mercernary Corporation Strikes Oil in Uganda

Kibaki Calls for Increased Pace of AU Integration
Preparations for African Mission in Burundi

Redeploy Burundi Army/Rebels for Peacekeeping
Charles Taylor is Destabilizing West Africa
Lekota Heads to Ethiopia for Report on Burundi

Amara Essy Concerned Over Uganda and Rwanda
Unrest in AU Intensifies World Energy Crisis

Is African Union Government Complicit in Coup D'Etat?
African Traditional Medicine Day
Why African Americans Should Oppose The War

Call for Suspension of World Bank Financing    
AU Summit Amends Charter to Include Diaspora    
NEPAD Stimulates Debate on Development    

African Union Economy to Grow by 4% in 2003    
African Parliament: Size, Structure and Elections    
Proposal for African Union Commission Reforms    

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