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Chrological list of the most important historical AU documentation, as well as related key documentation regarding multilateral issues in the African Union.

1963 OAU Charter;

1964 OAU Cairo Declaration on Border Disputes among African States legitimising national borders inherited from colonial times;

1979 OAU Decision Broadening the Mandate of the Secretary-General and renaming the position from Administrative SG to SG;

1980 OAU Lagos Plan of Action for the Economic Development of Africa 1980-2000;

1985 OAU Addis Ababa Declaration on the Economic Situation in Africa;

1987 African Common Position on Africa’s External Debt Crisis;

1988 Khartoum Declaration Towards a Human-Focused Approach to Socio-Economic Recovery and Development in Africa;

1990 UNECA Arusha African Charter for Popular Participation in Development;

1990 OAU Addis Ababa Declaration on the Political and Socio-Economic Situation in Africa and the Fundamental Changes Taking Place in the World;

1991 Kampala Document Towards a Conference on Security, Stability, Development and Co-operation in Africa (CSSDCA);

1991 OAU Abuja Declaration on the Employment Crisis in Africa;

1991 OAU Abuja Declaration and Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community;

1992 OAU Dakar Declaration on the Aids Epidemic in Africa;

1993 OAU Cairo Declaration on the Establishment of a Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution;

1994 OAU Tunis Declaration on Population and Development in Africa;

1994 OAU African Common Position on Human and Social Development in Africa;

1994 OAU/ECA Consensus of Dakar on the African Common Position for the Advancement of Women;

1996 OAU Kampala Declaration and Framework for Action on the Empowerment of Women through Functional Literacy and the Education of the Girl Child;

1996 OAU African Common Position on Youth;

1996 OAU Yaoundé Plan of Action on Drug Control and Abuse in Africa;

1997 OAU Harare Declaration on an African Common Position on the Reform of the UN Security Council;

1997 OAU Harare Declaration on Malaria Prevention and Control in the Context of African Economic Recovery and Development;

1998 Dakar Declaration and Programme of Action on the African Common Position to the First World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth;

1998 Genivar Report on the Restructuring of the OAU General Secretariat;

1999 OAU Grand Bay Declaration and Plan of Action on Human Rights in Africa;

1999 OAU Algiers Declaration;

1999 OAU Sirte Declaration;

1999 OAU Algiers Decisions on Unconstitutional Changes in Government;

1996-1999 OAU Decisions on Good Governance;

2000 Africa-Europe Summit Cairo Declaration;

2000 Africa-Europe Summit Cairo Plan of Action;

2000 Compendium of OAU Instruments and Texts on Refugees, Returnees and Displaced Persons in Africa (1963-1999)