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The AUF recognizes that the continuing incarceration of the African Mumia Abu Jamal is an intolerable transgression, and is extremely distressing to Africans everywhere.

We are supportive of all and any efforts to free our brother from the morally corrosive and racist of the United States of America that continues to destroy our communities.

Write to:

Judge Pamela Dembe
Criminal Justice Center, Room 1417
1301 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 683-7148 Phone
(215) 683-7150 Fax

Dear Judge Dembe:

I am writing with great concern that Mumia Abu-Jamal now possesses massive evidence proving his innocence, but has yet to have the opportunity to present this evidence to you. In particular, Arnold Beverly has compellingly confessed to the crime for which Mr. Jamal is on death row, but you STILL have not set a date for Mr. Beverly to testify in public. Even with the limitations set by the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, YOU HAVE the discretion to hear this testimony. How can you refuse to hear evidence that could potentially free an innocent man who might otherwise be executed?

We, therefore, demand that you,

1. Hear the confession of Arnold Beverly
2. Hold an evidentiary hearing to consider all of the evidence pointing to the innocence of Mumia Abu-Jamal
3. Allow Mr. Abu-Jamal to be present at all legal proceedings in your courtroom
4. Release Mr. Abu-Jamal from prison because of the overwhelming evidence of his innocence as well as the extensive police, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct in his original trial