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Africa Center for Strategic Studies    
Black Dispatches    
Netherlands Center for Research on Africa    
Ethiopia-Eritrea Conflict Page    

Conflict News
The Egyptian Presidency    
Egyptian Armed Forces    
Center for International Policy    
Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs    
South African Department of Defence    
Kagnew Station    
Site Presidentiel des Comores    
Site du Premier Ministre des Comores    
Cote D'Ivoire Permanent Mission to the UN    
Chronology of Simba Rebellion    
Government of South Africa Online    
Rwanda Parliament    

Government of Tanzania    
Tanzania Ministry of Defence    
Nigeria Embassy
South African Embassy - Hungary    
Assembleia Nacional Sao Tome e Principe
Embassy of Angola in the UK    
Morocco Ministry of Communications    
Government of Botswana    
Burkina Faso
Muammar al-Qadhafi    
Government of Ghana