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Dan Kashagama
General Secretary
African Unification Front


    Formulate and implement policy for the purpose of reducing violence and displacement in Africa; implement policy for political, economic and political integration of Africa.

    Cover and participate in numerous policy meetings, conferences, hearings, and negotiations on a wide range of issues including international finance, media, human and civil rights, community development, conflict and peacekeeping, political persecution and refugee resettlement, injury control and epidemiology, etc.

    Participate in preparation of business, financial, and budget Planning; handle complex daily transactions, including payroll, large financial deposits, management of petty cash systems, and complex international money transfers and currency conversions.

    Restructured administration and support mechanisms, which resulted in the accelerated maturation of programs, the completion of more projects with less funds, and the simultaneous management of multiple-programs with improved results.

    Organize public engagement activities and public education events, including public meetings, cultural events, conferences, press releases and media packages, human rights demonstrations, public speaking, film screenings, as well as information briefings on security conditions for use by relief agencies in war torn areas.

    Provided leadership in mobilizing the public, recruiting members, and maintaining clients through changing media, public and individual awareness projects; Contributed to changing of organizational, governmental, community and public policy.

    Accepted emergency appointments to manage stressful organizational transitions, including restructuring ailing programs, and enabling others to do effective follow-up and management; managed moving and shifting office facilities with minimum disruption of work output.

    Increased the client base of organizations; helped to raise the profiles of the organizations in the media and public; participated on organizational boards as a director, committee member, mediator, and presenter.

    Aided in major software and hardware upgrade; extensive knowledge in desktop publishing and production of high quality print material; photography and poster design; Database development, integration and management; MS Word, WP, and the use of Apple and IBM PCs; experience with email and internet, including website design using HTML and PHP;

    Orientation and preparing of news personalities for interviews on live television; scripting and editing international and local news; researching and preparing news stories; arranging meetings with informants and news sources; conducting television interviews for primetime news and features.

    Traveled constantly on news assignments in Africa; covered, reported on and analysed conditions and issues concerning refugees in Africa, the war and UN-US intervention in Somalia (1991-1994), multiparty elections in Kenya, as well as numerous other extraordinary events including riots, protests and complex economic, political and social issues.

    Provided guidance, training and orientation for news television reporters, new station staff, and members of the public on critical journalism issues and on news gathering.

    Performed excellent videography under perilous conditions, and assignment editing for prime time news broadcasts, including CNN World Report.

    Attended and covered many high level government policy meetings, international financial negotiations, UN and other international conferences, political debates, scientific seminars, military and security briefings, and other critical governmental matters.

    Organize civil society movement for the purpose of promoting peace, integration, and high standards in the structures of government in the African Union.

    Coordinate and oversee the creation of policies for use by the public and institutions.

    Lobby governments and institutions to adopt Policy Coherence and to practice Public Engagement in the conduct of business practices in Africa and elsewhere.

    Raise public awareness of African concerns especially with regards to conflict resolution and other African issues including health, community relations, national debt, international trade, ecology and the environment, the conduct of relief and aid NGOs, etc.

    Participate in the production of a weekly television program on current affairs and Black community empowerment issues.

    Participate and appear on televised interviews on a variety of topics including world history, the African Canadian community, racism, human rights abuses by corporations and governments, the film industry, public education, etc.
    Lecture and teach African geopolitics, history, and other topics at colleges, highschools, elementary schools and community centers.