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Dan Kashagama, AUF General Secretary

As AUF General-Secretary, Dan Kashagama convenes the Secretariat as and when necessary; acts as the Chief Spokesperson of the AUF in liaison with the Secretariat, and maintains the correspondence of the AUF; Oversees the day-to-day activities of the AUF and provides leadership and counsel to the leaders and members of the AUF; Oversees the execution of AUF policy and programs by the AUF secretariat and other organs of the AUF.

Moreover, the AUF General Secretary writes annual reports of AUF activities, and receives reports from AUF organs on schedule or upon request; Ensures that activities of the AUF are concluded in accordance with AUF Provisions, and ensures that AUF organs and programs maintain proper AUF activities; Maintains a record of members of the AUF; Is responsible for writing up or reviewing the final version of all significant AUF public statements.

The General Secretary is responsible to the AUF Council for Strategy and Policy Co-ordination, to the AUF Council of Advisors and Community Elders, as well as to the general membership of the AUF. The General Secretary is required to implement policies in a manner consistent with the best practices in Pan Africanism, in a manner supportive of the resolutions of leading Africanist organizations, and in a spirit consistent with Pan African traditions.

Dan Kashagama has extensive experience in journalism including work as production and assignment editor, news researcher, and television reporter. He has worked with Kenya Television Network (KTN) and with British Columbia Television (BCTV) on news assignments covering a wide variety of international and cross-boundary issues, including chronic instability and the recurrent refugee crises in the Horn of Africa and in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

Kashagama has wide administration experience including work as Executive Associate of the Canadian Network for International Surgery, which runs vital medical and education projects in the African Union; as Chair and CEO of the African Canadian Association of British Columbia; and, as editor of several publications, including the Talking Drum, as well as the Operative Report, covering Essential Surgical Skills programs and Injury Control and Prevention developments in Africa. He continues to work as a consultant with organizations concerned with the Human Security of African communities.

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