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The ten [10] institutions described as "Organs" of the African Union are those whose decisions are collectively binding on all the other institutions of the African Union's administrative process. Institutions known as "organs" (except for NEPAD and the Mechanism for Conflict Resolution) are mandated by the Abuja Treaty [1991] establishing the African Economic Community. All other institutions mandated by the African Union's treaty making process, such as the African Postal Union, are responsible to these "Organs" collectively or individually, or are subsidiaries of the Organs of the African Union.

Assembly of the Union / African Summit Organ of the AU
Pan African Parliament Organ of the AU
Executive Commission / African Union Commission Organ of the AU
African Parliamentary Union
African Court of Justice Organ of the AU
Council Of Ministers / Executive Council Organ of the AU
Permanent Representatives Committee Organ of the AU
Specialized Technical Committee Organ of the AU
Economic, Social and Cultural Council Organ of the AU
Financial Institutions including: African Development Bank Organ of the AU
New Partnership for African Development [NEPAD] Organ of the AU
Coordinating Committee on African Statistical Development    
Economic Community of Central African States
Community of Sahel-Saharan States
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
Economic Community of West African States [ECOWAS]
Southern African Development Community [SADC]