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Encyclopaedia Africana Project
WSSD 2002
Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
Centre pour la Promotion de la Liberte

African Encyclopedia
Blue Nile
Nubia Net
Mumia Freedom Journal

South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Amnesty International - Africa 2000
Amnesty International - Africa 2001
Research on the Prison Industrial Complex
Black Consciousness.Com

Association pour la lutte Contre le Genocide
Human Rights Watch - Africa
Southern Center for Human Rights
South Africa Health Info

African American History Through the Arts
Race and History
Sierra Leone Women's Forum
Association of African Universities
Historically Black Colleges - USA

Cairo University
University of South Africa
Addis Ababa University
Al Alakhawayn University in Ifrane
Makerere University
Howard University

Africa University
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
International Ethiopian University Support Site
Rare maps of Africa
Antique maps of Africa

Internet African History Source Book
African Road Safety
One World Online
Global witness
Hijra International Online
UN Department of Peace Keeping Operations

Global African Presence
The King Center
US Black Colleges List
African Virtual University
Black Talk
Organization Marocaine des Droits Humains

Wagne Net
Sango Net
Martin Luther King Jr., Papers Project
Black Panther Party Research Projects
Bobby Seale

Black Panther Party/Huey Newton Foundation
Project Imhotep
IANSA [re: small arms]
Center for International Policy
Eritrean Development Fund

W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center
The Global African Presence
War Child
Hopefund: Rwanda
Rwanda Development Fund

Black History
Black Science Forum
Afro America
Survival International

World Rainforest Movement
Agenda 21
United Nations Envionmental Programme
UNEP - Africa
The Papyrus of Ani    
Black Collegian    
Creative Folk: Black History    
The Buffalo Soldiers    
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora    
kmt Space/Kush    
Think Quest: Kush    
African Philosophy Resources
Alpha Phi Alpha: Rho Iota    

African Internet Topology and Traffic report    
Kwame Nkrumah Information Resource Site    
The Dictionary of African Christian Biography    
Virtual Trip - Mali    
York University Black Students Alliance    
Umubano UK    
USAID International Development Missions    
Associazione Malcolm X    
The Move Organization    
Without Sanctuary    
Justice Africa    
Amnesty International GLR    
Center For African Studies - Florida    
Algeria Watch    
La Ligue Tunisienne pour la Defense des Droits de l'homme
International Committee of Solidarity for Political Prisoners in Tunisia     
Egyptian Organization for Human Rights    
Medical Research Council of South Africa    
Lawyers Committe for Human Rights    
Oriental Institute Nubian Expedition: University of Chicago    
Comminit: The Communication Initiative     
Zahi Hawass's Website [Egyptology]    
American University In Cairo    
Art and Life in Africa Project: University of Iowa    
AIDS Concerns    
Nile Basin Society    
University of Witwatersrand    
University of Pretoria    
University of Cape Town    
Cape Technikon    
Germiston College    
Midrand College    
Potchefstroom University
World Organization Against Torture    
World Health Organization    
De Rebus    
Ethiopian Community Development Council    
African Rights    
Freedom - Robben Island    
Swahili Coast    
Islam Tanzania        
UN & Conflict Monitor    
Ntama - Journal of African Music and Popular Culture    
OAU Creation    
Lawson Live
South African Development Fund    
West African Research Association    
Ethiopian Network for Animal Power    
Society for Industrial Psychology    
31st December Womens' Movement    
Carolina for Kibera
The Nubian Net    
African History    
Reparations Today    
Egypt Revealed    
Carrie Art Collection     
Men Of Respect     
Black History    
IDRC - African Agriculture    
Free Man Institute    
Ethno Net - Kush    
Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum     
Africana: Ghent University    
Research Consortium on Africa    
Peter Addo's Webpage    
Exploring Africa

African Union Methodist Church    
Kwame Nkrumah University
Ministry of Culture - Mali    
US Black Engineer Magazine    
African Development Fund    
Africa Centre    
John Carlos
CEDAV - Africa