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Ivory Mask from Ancient Benin
The African Union must ensure that African history is integrated in every aspect of learning, of work, and in recreation as well. Every effort must be made to popularize a lived African history and to bridge the gap of knowledge between the African past and the present.

The AUF demands unequivocally the unconditional and immediate return of ALL of our ancestral national heritage. Furthermore, the AUF policy requires the immediate end to the export, transfer or removal of any African art from Africa, unless it is certified by high African authority as not constituting an ancient and irreplaceable artefact.

The international museum community will keep replacement copies, but have to return to Africa all original works. It is necessary for all Africans, of all ages and walks of life, to have and to experience directly the remarkable achievements of their own communities.


Transparency International (TI) has called on the United Nations to adopt a treaty to ensure the tracing, recovery and repatriation of wealth stolen from developing countries and transferred abroad.

The call follows a meeting of 11 African chapters of the international anti-corruption body in Zimbabwe earlier this month which culminated in the formulation of the Nyanga Declaration.

The declaration noted that an estimated 20 to 40 billion U.S. dollars had "over the decades been illegally and corruptly appropriated from some of the world's poorest countries, most of them in Africa, by politicians, soldiers, business people and other leaders."

Under the declaration, which the grouping urged United Nations members to adopt, "all known loopholes" had to be sealed, and banks had to be required to "open their books for inspection", TI said in a statement.

The African chapters supported the Wolfsberg Anti-Money Laundering Principles to which 11 leading international banks became signatories last year as "a first step towards stopping the movement of illicit wealth", TI said.

The Wolfsberg principles include the implementation of bank policy to prevent the use of its worldwide operations for criminal purposes.

The organisation noted that the Nigerian government had already recovered some 750 million dollars - part of funds tranferred abroad by the country's former military leader.

The Jewish Claims Conference had also achieved success in efforts to trace and recover assets stolen by the Nazi regime during the Second World War.
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