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AUF is encouraging Africans to participate in demanding changes to the international development assistance in Africa. Africans with skills should sign up with public databases to encourage the World Bank, IMF, USAID, CIDA and other international aid agencies to hire Africans to run projects in Africa.

Two data bases available for this function include Afridata run by Africa Trade Consultants Network, and the Contemporary African Database run by The international development agencies have access to these databases, as well as qualified Africans who are in the position to certify or qualify what skills are required to complete successful development projects.

It is not ethical to refuse capable Africans who constitute their communities the opportunity to manage development projects. It is no longer acceptable to hire non-Africans with little or no ties to the African communities, to implement projects aimed at helping those communities, while qualified Africans whose knowledge and input is critical to success are exploited and continue to suffer high rates of unemployment.