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List of African Conventions and Protocols

See Historical Documents

Overview of OAU History

Leaders of the African Union

OAU Charter

Protocol to the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community Relating to the Pan-African Parliament

African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights

Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoplesí Rights on the Establishment of an African Court on Human and Peoplesí Rights

General Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the Organization of African Unity

Union Resolution: African Institute of South Africa

Draft Union Constitution: African Civil Society

UN Declaration on Decolonization

UNECA on African Unification

African Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Treaty (ANWFZ) (Treaty of Pelindaba)

Convention for the Elimination of Mercenarism in Africa

African Maritime Transport Charter

African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (Algiers Convention)

Conference of African Planners, Statisticians, Population and Information Specialists

New Initiative for Africa