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All Africans everywhere have an automatic right to African citizenship in the African Union, and all entitlements related to African citizenship, without regard to historic displacement. The AUF does not recognize a separate diaspora African citizenship, and so therefore the AUF understands that African residents of Offshore communities (Diaspora) were always ACTUALLY citizens of Africa, and were/are recognized and self-identified as Africans.

African legality demands they be recognized as if they never left, and also recognizes the fact that the diaspora Africans are citizens of mainland Africa, sharing common ancestry, and common traditions. Their traditions are also the heritage and contribution of Africa to humanity. Attempts to divide Africans, using as rationale the actions of slave traders, colonialists and neocolonialists, are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the AUF.

It would constitute a massive violation of African entitlement comparable to kidnap and slavery in sheer criminality, to deny Africans in Diaspora citizenship in Africa. In fact it would compound the injustice of slavery and repression to refuse the descendants of historically displaced Africans, their ancestral homeland, cultural heritage, and right of kinship.

Already a great percentage of the diaspora have contemporary continental African relations, through marriage and kinship. This situation is not to be explained away as a normal rate of intermixing of populations, or as a function of population size (400 million Continentals, 100 millions Offshorers). This is a result of effective communal ties as Africans seek each other out and re-establish broken family ties. The Africans in the diaspora communities are fully African in all respects and are to be treated as such by all AUF members.


The six original members of the Black Panther Party

Deriving from the understanding of the doctrine of diplomatic protection, the African Union must insist on respect for the fundamental rights of all its citizens by other countries. In order to protect the lives and rights of African citizens in diaspora, the African Union must use moral suasion, diplomatic pressure, international judicial proceedings, the threat of reciprocal action against nationals of offending countries, sanctions, and even military force. The African Union must extend diplomatic protection to all African citizens in Diaspora.

Countries on AUF notice for the the worst offense against Africans include, the United States of America, Brazil, and the European Union. Any state in the world that executes members of oppressed African communities in its territory is perpetrating an intolerable provocation against ALL Africans everywhere. With specific regard for the USA, the entire corrections regime of that country is offensive in the extreme. The situation has to be resolved totally, by all possible means, including declaration of a state of emergency with regard to Africans in the USA in order to apply ALL of its national resources towards ending the inequality of Africans in its territory As Soon As Possible.

The AUF considers all of the original members of Black Panther Party now in prison, dead, or free, to be leading citizens of the African Union. The AUF resents and is offended by the continuing incarceration of Mumia Abu Jamal, and demands his immediate and unconditional release to African legal authorities.

The AUF considers that ALL the African men and women who are locked down in U.S. concentration camps commonly known as prisons are there due to decisions, laws, and circumstances which were created as a means of genocidal colonialist control.

All citizens of the African Union must be allowed to vote in any state, province, or municipality of residence if they have lived there for one year or more. This means that Africans may participate in their communities without restrictions based on class, ethnicity, religion. All rules must apply to them equally in the excercise of their rights to vote.

The AUF is committed to the development of/and recognition of African citizenship of all Africans in the African Union and elsewhere, along with the pertinent rights and privileges that attend African citizenship, including such rights as the right to run for and hold public office, or the right to hold travel documents. As well citizenship demands duties such as taxation or conscription into public service for a limited amount of time.

It may be prudent to facilitate a program wherein ALL Africans in diaspora get the opportunity to work, travel or study in Africa for several months at least once in their lifetime. It is necessary to ensure that all citizens of the African Union can visit any part of the Union with ease. At present poverty and the restriction of access to travel papers makes it impossible for most Africans in Diaspora to see Africa. Many people are condemned to live and die within the confines of their states borders outside Africa, without ever having the opportunity to visit their ancestral home. This is very sad and must be changed.