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[1] Statement to the International Ministerial Diamond Conference by Ambassador Paul Heinbecker (Canada), Chairman, Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 864 (1993) concerning the Situation in Angola. Full Text

[2] Concerning Grupo Espirito Santos. Full Text
[3] Blood Diamonds. Full Text

[4] De Beers, the British Government and African Liberation. Full Text
[5] A Briefing Document by Global Witness. Link
[6] Diamond Watch List. Full Text

[7] Blood Stained Diamonds. Site Link
[8] Crime In Canada's Diamond Fields.
Diamond Industry Threatens Canadian National Security. See Story    

[9] AUF Diamond Protest. Go To Transcripts    
[10] Kimberly Process is Disappointing. See story     
[11] Kimberly Process Reaches Agreement. More...