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Remarks by Members and Friends of the AUF

Sun, July 4, 2004

Mr. Dan Kashagama,

Before I proceed...I would like to say 'LONG LIVE THE UNIFICATION OF AFRICA'. I'm called Ajack Coupelton, an African descendant of the African Diaspora - Jamaica. I actually read a little bit about the African Union Strategic Plan of Action 2004-2007, and I became profoundly messed up with deep happiness inside me, imagining that I'm already back home in Africa, like Marcus Garvey wished it would be...


March 31, 2004

I am very delighted to see such an organisation, at least there is someone who cares for the majorities welfare.

(Abdul Aziz Mohammed, East African, London)

Dear Mr. Kashagama

Once again I thank you for your presentation yesterday at the Liu [Liu Institute for Global Issues]. As I have been to Gulu, it is good to hear someone speaking the tragic truth about Museveni - how he keeps the north unstable and how the world media does not report this.

John Currie
March 27, 2004

I'm very much glad to have come across such an enlightning and educative site. I am an activist for African unity and a student. In fact it's a wonderful site, and keep it up!!

Abdul Nasser Seidu
March 5, 2004

From: Al-Hassan Jagne


Am a Gambian college student living in the United States. I am very interested about African unification and I have many many ideas about uniting Africa as one. Above all I think the AUF can achieve its goals despite our current situation (wars, famine, aids etc). I also want to be an AUF member.



May I first complement your organization and website on the work it is doing to highlight and document the extent of neo-colonialist activities in Africa.

It seems that neo-colonialist exploitation of Africa is every bit as potent as colonialist exploitation was a hundred years ago, and I believe that historians will look back on this current time with the same dismay as they do on the scramble for Africa...

Africa Watcher

My name is Budibunene Ngandu. I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo and I am currently working in the USA as a computer engineer.

I accidentally bumped into the African Front website and would like to congratulate you for that wonderful work.

Mr. Kashagama,

I am very grateful for your continuous efforts aim at the unity and progress for Africa. Those of us in the West are pleased with the manner in which you and your team handles the affairs of the Front.

Jacob T. Gray

Keep up the good work, keep spreading this progressive and positive ethic and well done on a no-nonsense, informative website...


Wow!!! That is all I can say.

Reading about the AU and the AUF has made me very excited!

I have been wanting to see changes like these for many years!

I would absolutely love to see all the borders of Africa redrawn. Since I am an American of European decent, I must admit that I am ashamed of the situation that has befallen Africa as a result of the actions of my ancestors, both before and after BWAC-1885. In reality, all humans are of African decent, and we are all citizens of the world. As such, I do not like to make distinctions based on race, religion, politics or society. I consider all peoples of the world to be my people. It is beautiful to see the African people rise up and take their rightful place in the world!

Bradford N. Cross

Hello brothers and sisters

I am the president of the Saint Mary's University African Society and coming across this website surely must have been a gift from God, because this is what we have been looking for to support our cause.

We have not and will not forget where we come from and are well aware that whatever we do, we do it for our home.

We believe that the time draws near that us the young will spearhead Africa's emancipation and subsequently rise to its full potential.

I thank you and praise you for the stirling job you have done, with more groups like this, absolute unity is merely a footstep away.

Yours in UNITY
Kudzai Bingepinge

I am highly impressed by your vision, practical mission and the creation of this website.

We, in Azania Heritage International, would like to complement and supplement your efforts.

Black Consciousnessly yours,

Mongezi Sefika wa Nkomo
Azania Heritage International

From 'Dejo Olowu

Dear comrades, I was simply overwhelmed by the efforts you have put into the development of this website. I feel very proud to be an African! Please keep up this good job. May our lofty goals for Africa and Africans never wane. Uhuru na Umoja!

Fraternally yours,

A very enlightening website. A worthy tribute to the glorious past and a pointer to the future potential of Africa.

Let us bring this site to the attention of fellow Africans and friends of Africa.

Viva Africa.

John Makau

Dear Fellow Africans,

Keep up with the hard work you [are] doing. It had never [felt] this way before and I had never bothered to visit/follow what's going on in my continent.

Here in the West, Canada, USA, UK, Jamaica, Haiti, and other small islands, there is big wake up among youth.     
Apere Moi

Peter Kalaciro    

Well done!

I learn a lot from your website.

Please add our homepage in your link section.


Jemal Yassin


Sat, 16 Nov 2002

Just to say bravo!, and to assure you that you are not alone. You have thousands with you in spirit as well. Africa shall be free one day.     
George Buadi    

Mon, 14 Oct 2002

My fellow Africans at the AUF,

As a member of the younger generation, I am truly inspired by the outstanding work of your organisation. You are, indeed, visionaries and my only prayer is that we as the masses can truly take ownership of the great dream of a united, powerful Africa - a dream that the AUF so clearly articulates.

Your brother in the cause,
Heinrich C. Volmink
South Africa

Mon, 17 June 2002

Excellent site. It is heartening to find out that we are progressing the ideas to maturity.

James Kibinge

Sat, 8 Jun 2002
Dear Brothers and sisters I greet you in the spirit of African liberation.

I just stumbled onto your site by accident and wish to send my warm regards to you on a great site.
Ola Balogun

26 May 2002

My highest compliments on your informative and well-designed site! I am printing much of it for later review and to pass on to others.

Mileka Aljuwani

2 May 2002

This is an EXCELLENT site. I am proud to link to it.

Forward to United Free People's African Union!

Louis Szondy

Hello Africans and Friends of Africa:

Sharing an uplifted spirit at this discovery, I recommend you check out (From internet discussion group)    

Feb 2002

Great site!
I really found your commentaries insightful!    
R. Courtney Priester    

Jan 29, 2002

Please, please, please. This site can make a GLOBAL positive impact on Africans all over the world. I am African-American. I wish to see unification.     

Blake Nelson    


It is heartening to learn of the policies of the African Front and to associate the Cyber-Drum family with its program for the total unification of Africa.

....we will be happy to publish for our readers any and all information that will assist you in taking your message to Africans throughout the world.

Warm regards,

Louis Clayton Jones

Alafia (Peace),
This is a beautiful site.     

Modupe (I thank you)

Iya Oluwasola Omifunke Ifasade

Keep up the good work and know that there are Africans everywhere supportive and willing to assist in this unification effort.

Best regards,

John Frank

Excellent site.

George Michael Evica
Professor Emeritus, University of Hartford,
West Haartford, Ct., USA    


...I must commend you for a truly extraordinary and informative website. Not only is the reading concise and grammatically correct but it is also astute. The site is clean and will aid us in our endeavors. We are already signing up to become members.

Best Regards,

Rhan Ferdinand
Managing Director
Shibumi Holdings, Inc.

I am writing to thank you and through you, Africanfront, for the fabulous efforts you all are doing in the noble task of projecting the brighter side of our Beloved Continent. Keep up the good and work and may your wings grow to reach all corners of the African world.

Yours in the love of Africa,

Tjitunga E. Ngurare
Masters of Law (LLM) Student
International (Water) Law and Policy
University of Dundee

I must congratulate you and your organization for the priceless work that you are doing for the upliftment of Africans and Africa. I am also a frequent visitor to your web-site ( and find your ideologies very vital.

Leaford Anderson
Certified Computer Technician