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Pan African Parliament: Updates and Articles

Structure of the Government of Africa
Addis Ababa is the Best Seat of the African Parliament

President Mongella has to Set Up a Government
AUF Proposal for Size and Structure of African Parliament
Draft PAP Bill on Integrated Single African Army
Draft PAP Bill on Single African Currency

Draft PAP Bill on the Appointment of Cabinet
Draft PAP Bill on Diplomats & African Foreign Policy
Mongella will Contest for her Ukerewe Seat
Inaugural Session Ends on Positive Note

AU President Gertrude Mongella: Biographical Brief
African Parliament Elects Mongella Leader of Africa
Members of the Pan African Parliament
Protocol of the African Parliament

History of the Pan African Parliament    
Operations of the Pan African Parliament
Secretariat of the Pan African Parliament [AU Commission]
Proposal Concerning PAP Private Members Bills

AUF Policy on Electoral Reform    
Report of South African Parliamentary Committee
APU Calls for Speedy Launch of African Parliament
AUF Appeal to African Heads of State

Mozambique Ratifies Protocol to Establish African Parliament
African MPs Discuss AU Parliament
African Parliamentarians Forum for NEPAD    
President Paez Pledges IPU Support for African Parliament

Egypt Ratifies Pan African Parliament    
First Session of Pan African Parliament Set for 2004
Presidency & Cabinet of the Pan African Parliament
Address by Jacob Zuma on Pan African Parliament