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Key historic documents revealing the course of major events in African history, including the conquest and occupation, and the progress of African resistence.

OAU Intervention to Correct Effects of Colonial Conquest and Occupation

List of Key African Union Documents

Research Note on the Atlantic Slave Trade Database Project

French Proposal for the Establishment of an African Army, 1830

Convention between Great Britain and Morocco relative to a Loan to be raised in London by Morocco, signed at Tangier, 24 October 1861

British Order in Council, for the regulation of British Consular Jurisdiction in Morocco. Osborne, February 4, 1875

Declaration Between the Governments of France and Spain, Respecting the Integrity of Morocco     
Declaration Between the United Kingdom and France Respecting Egypt and Morocco, Together with the Secret Articles Signed at the Same Time    

Muhammad Ali's Tax Inspectors, 1809 to 1814: From the Chronicles of Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti cajaib al-Athar
Firman of Appointment of Muhammad `Ali as Pasha of Egypt Issued by Ottoman Sultan, 1840    
Ismail Pasha, the Suez Canal, and the Anglo-French Occupation of Egypt