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The AAC was established in 1979 and is a Specialised Agency of the African Union (AU). It provides assistance to institutions in member countries on standardisation of accounting and promotes education, further training and research in accountancy and related areas of study. The AAC has its headquarters in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The AAC Has its headquarters in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Established on 15 June 1947 as a specialised agency of the OAU, AFCAC aims to encourage co-operation in all civil aviation activities in Africa.

Agence d'Information Pan-Africaine (AIPA)
Agence Panafricaine d'Information (API).

The Pan-African News Agency was founded on 20 July 1979 in Addis Ababa, with the adoption of a convention by African Ministers of Information. PANA took over the activities of the Union des agences d'informations Africaines, which had been set up in April 1963 in Tunis.

PANA was officially inaugurated and commenced news agency activities on 25 May 1983. PANA is a specialised agency of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and has its headquarters in Dakar, Senegal, with regional offices in Khartoum, Sudan; Lusaka, Zambia; Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Lagos, Nigeria; and Tripoli, Libya.

PAPU was established on 17 January 1980 with the signing of the PAPU convention. The Convention entered into force on 1 July 1980. PAPU is a specialised agency of the OAU and aims to improve co-operation on postal matters in Africa.
Pan-Africa Telecommunications Union (PATU)
PATU was established as a specialised agency of the OAU on 7 December 1977 and aims to harmonize and co-ordinate the development of telecommunications networks and services in Africa.
Supreme Council for Sports in Africa (SCSA)
The Supreme Council for Sports in Africa was established in July 1965 in Brazzaville as the Comite Permanent du Sport Africain (CPSA). Its present title was adopted in Bamako on 14 December 1966. Since 3 July 1977, the SCSA has been functioning as a specialised agency of the Organization of African Unity (OAU). The SCSA has its headquarters in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The SCSA aims to seek for and implement all measures and means likely to foster the development of sports in Africa with regard to structures and sporting events;

persuade governments of African countries to undertake to protect and promote physical education and sports in and out of school;

ensure the propagation and respect for the Olympic ideal across the continent and co-ordinate the action of African National Olympic Committees;

foster sports development in Africa so that she may be worthily represented in world sports competitions, especially the Olympic Games;

orientate and make sports in Africa serve African unity by consolidating mutual understanding and friendship among those who practice it and its officials;

combat all forms of racial, religious or political discrimination in sports towards a country or an individual;

study all questions bearing on the world sports movement and adopt a common stand regarding the position and participation of African countries;

foster the action of African Sports Confederations and bring about the setting up of those that do not yet exist;

organise the All-Africa Games and ensure their continuity;

foster the setting up of Sports Development Zones in Africa so as to regionalise continental competitions and guide, co-ordinate and back up their activities.