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The city of Abidjan is the seat of the African Parliamentary Union, African Court of Justice and the headquarters of the African Development Bank. The city of Abidjan was modelled after Dakar the former capital of French West Africa long regarded as the most prosperous city in the West Africa.

Originally a coastal fishing village, Abidjan was settled by French colonists at the turn of the century and by 1934 it had been designated the capital of Côte d'Ivoire. Two decades later, Abidjan welcomed the completion of the Vridi Canal which connected the city on the Ebrie Lagoon to the Atlantic Ocean, and secured Abidjan's place as a commercial and trading centre.
Most of Abidjan has a well-developed network of roads, including a strong public transportation system and a modern airport. The city is located on the top of a large and deep aquifer which has provided Abidjan with an adequate water supply system.