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Who is African?
The AUF defines an African as anyone who meets the following three criteria:

[1] A person who was born in Africa, or a descendant of such a person.

[2] A person who is self-identified as African.

[3] A person who is acknowledged as African, by members of the indigenous African community.

What is the African Union?

The African Union is the federation of African states. The AU is also a country, defined as:

A nation or state; The territory of a nation or state; The people of a nation or state; A region, territory, or large tract of land distinguishable by features of topography, biology, or culture.

Basing on Article [4] of the Union Act, as well as several other treaties relating to integration and common institutions, the African Union is a country in the same sense that Canada, China, India, the USA are countries.
Who is the head of the African Union?

The African Union is led by Gertrude Mongella. She is the president of the Pan African Parliament and Head of State of the African Union.

The powers of the President of the PAP derive in part from the 1979 OAU Decision Broadening the Mandate of the OAU Secretary-General and renaming the position from Administrative SG to SG... effectively making the position of any future leader of the African Union a political position and an autonomous Head of State.

The President of the PAP is elected for a five-year term by members of the PAP, and sworn in by the Chair of the Assembly of African Heads of State and Government at the inauguaration of parliament. The chair of the Assembly changes every year.