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Notice: The AUF filed the Maure flag design to replace the one below as the official flag of the African Union.



The African Union flag was adopted in 1970 for the OAU. In 2001 the African Council of Ministers voted to retain the flag for the African Union (The status of the flag will be reviewed in 2002 at the end of the OAU/AU transition period).

The AU flag is a horizontal triband of green, white and green, with the bands separated by narrow gold stripes. In the center is a map of Africa in gold, within a green and gold wreath. There are seven interlocking red rings at the base. The green is for the vegetation of sub-Saharan Africa and the gold is for the deserts of the north and south. The white stands for peace and unity.

Some flags are flown with the green circle in the center.

Since 1998 all government institutions, parastatals, embassies, high commissions and chanceries in Namibia are required to fly the flag of the African Union, and in addition, all students are required to sing the AU anthem.

During the 74th Council of Ministers on 7th July, 2001, the delegation of Namibia proposed the signing/playing of the OAU Anthem and Hoisting the OAU Flag at Public Institutions and others. The Council took note.