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Denham Ikemefuna FASSETT assumed the position of Deputy General Secretary of the AUF in May 2002. Ikemefuna brings a diverse cache of skills and experience to the AUF as an artist, musician, teacher, and ecological designer. His works to unify African people within the international community commenced in 1996 at the HABITAT II Conference in Turkey. It was at HABITAT II, where Ikemefuna, along with 40 other Africans, formed the Global Black African Caucus (GBAC) to address priority and common social, economic, and political issues of African people. Subsequently, Ikemefuna spent time sowing seeds in Ghana and Jamaica, learning and studying various arts, including yogika, zanza, collage, photography, and bamboo construction.

In 2001, at the dawning of the African Union, Ikemefuna established the Unification Committee of Africans (UCA), an internet based news, discussion, and watchdog group. The UCA is affiliated with the AUF as its main discussion forum. Ikemefuna also maintains a membership with the African Bamboo Association, Africa’s first and only organization promoting the widespread use of this remarkable renewable resource. Ikemefuna also retains his position as Director of Cultural Policy of the AUF.

With Ikemefuna's appointment, the AUF now has two Deputy General Secretaries. On June 22, 2002 AUF Deputy General Secretary Romauld Pinda gave a presentation in Vancouver, Canada, on "Political Violence in Africa". The conference on violence and torture was organized by VAST, the Vancouver Association of Survivors of Torture.

Other appointments include Ms. Evelyn Joe who was appointed Member of the AUF Secretariat in April 2002, and Mr. Loius Szondy, who has been appointed member of the AUF Council of Advisors and Community Elders. Mr. Szondy is the webmaster of Mathaba.Net. Ms. Joe is a board member of the African Alliance Foundation, and the AAF Media and Public Relations Officer. The AAF is an initiative with an empowering vision for Africans to advocate for positive change in the lives of Africans politically and economically, both in the Diaspora and on the Continent. AAF is designed as an umbrella organization for African organizations.

Ms. Joe is also the producer of African Union Page, an interactive website of the Renaissance Foundation. She also served on the board of Vision In Action, a Washington-based NGO with volunteers in developing countries. Ms. Joe employs her hands-on experience in media, World Affairs and strategic management to articulate issues of varied concerns. Currently, she is involved in organizing a series of events aimed at identifying and marshaling African human resources in response to the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD's) challenge in redressing Brain Drain.

Finally, the AUF leadership is considering the restructuring of the advisory component of the AUF. Besides influential AUF members and the leaders of affiliated & subsidiary Pan African organizations, the AUF Council of Advisors may eventually be expanded to include an autonomous Board of Directors who will help with the administration of AUF humanitarian and environmental projects. Some AUF initiatives that are currently implemented through other organizations will be coordinated centrally by the Board of Directors. This change should make it easier to consolidate the diverse elements of the ever expanding AUF.